Peeking in…

I used to blog, but it felt like I was pretending since it was merely a Myspace account. Then I moved it over to Blogger, but without a strategy to build an audience, it was almost like a tree falling in the middle of a forest, it made a sound although I’m not quite sure if anyone heard it. And so I began wondering do sounds matter if no one can hear them?

Still, that doesn’t quiet my voice screaming inside with stories I’ve lived, lessons waiting to be shared, and seeing so many wrongs of society that impair girls like me everyday. And so, I came to check out WordPress… so this is just me peeking in. Given I like it here, I’ll be blogging very soon on the regular. For those who have read my words in other places and asked  for more, be careful what you ask for. It’s about to be on!!!


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