Love Got me Thinking

I was thinking about Love, our Love…inspired a few words and thoughts on the matter. Guess it’s a poem…wanna read it? Here it go…

Love Got Me. Thinking. How we came to be. How we are.

La’Keisha Gray-Sewell/Write1

I close my eyes, because I know you will be right here when they open.

I breathe out and you give me air.

I walk blindly through love, but the vision is in sight

 When I am enveloped in darkness, you turn on the light

I speak and you understand

I stumble and you lift me up

I dream and you add color

I dance and you play the songs

 I am strong yet you protect my weaknesses

I laugh and you share the joke

I move past pain because you comfort

I look in the mirror to see the beauty you say is there

 I brave rain and storms because you shine on me

All my inhibitions you set free

I can be anything because you are everything to me

We come


We go But never part

Love’s got me. Thinking. How we came to be Who we are.

I’m living love.



  1. Bsyde Said:

    I love it babe! U got a dark skinned brother blushing…lol

  2. Cherie Said:

    That was HOT!! I really liked it. *Tear* lol

  3. stephanie gray Said:

    Isn’t LOVE grand,keep on writeing.

  4. Ms Ness Said:

    Awwwh, that’s beautiful & so are the two of you. Love ya madly & C U soon…..

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