Sweet melody for Mother’s Day

Me and my Momma

We have such intense love for our mothers. Their love and being is the first thing we know before we know ourselves. And even the most prolific among us have a hard time finding the right word to express the fullness of our appreciation and love. But there is always a song that sends the message of the majestic bond. A mother’ love for her children, and a child’s dependent ties to their mother, is one to marvel for life…not even mortality can break the ties.

So, a few years back, I got my mother a playlist of all the songs that put in to words how I felt about her. Here’s a sample of the playlist and the reasons why I chose them…. Hope you enjoy the sweet melodies of Mother’s Day:

Nobody, no song articulated the love and appreciation my generation has for our mothers like Tupac’s Dear Mama. He gave it to us raw, vulnerable and real. Our mothers aren’t the old school home bodies, many of their flaws are so much more evident than those of mothers who were conditioned by society’s expectations of a mother’s role. Our mother’s found a new way to mother, and share their struggles with us. This song is Hip Hop’s Mother’s Day anthem

Bob Marley, No Woman No Cry–This song carries the bottom note of the women who have borne children to the struggles across the Diaspora

Melodic, soulful litany to mama’s everywhere. This song was the new school tune for the old school big mama. They don’t make these kind of mama’s anymore. These song lyrics either….My number 3 pick, Boys II Men-Mama’s Song

Life sometimes throws her a curve ball, and she has to pave a new road, Raheem lifted today’s mothers up and placed light where dark stigmas often reside. Made women smile, and men remember…http://youtube.com/watch?v=StDq6r9-6-w&feature=related

Hate on him if you want, but Kanye paid homage to his momma and had everybody rockin’ it, wanted to wrap their mom’s up in his words and give them the world just like Mr. West did for Dr. Donda. “My Mama my mama!

It may be a Man’s World…but James Brown let it be known, it would be nothing…NOTHING without a woman or a girl. Momma’s make the world go round. Believe that!

If This World Were Mine, the big Luther and big Cheryl Lynn version, is definitely on the list. Luther wasn’t necessarily singing to his mama, but who amongst us don’t feel this way about our Old G?

Classic homage to mama’s all over …the only way to really show appreciations is to live the life on the principles she exemplified. Our mothers are the first to believe and see what God has given to her.

A mother understands when no one else does

She brags to all about her special child, and fosters confidence in each one of them, no matter how many she may have. They all have their special place in the world. And we can have a million accolades, folks screaming and clapping on our success, but we are always looking for her approval and recognition.  Like, Hey, Ma…I’m doing what you said I could.”  Mos Def laid it down with Umi Says.


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